Click here for full-resolution, somewhat-readable version. Photo of the back of the box. This Plantronics headset operates over USB for easy configuration and has a very high quality microphone for in-game communication and VoIP applications. More information will follow on our site nearer the release date. This headset is the biggest piece of trash I have ever come across.

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PS3 and Xbox compatible controller similar to the controller? Game sounds and Teamspeak all work brilliantly but when i hit the enable extensions to get the sound of other planes audiofs. Do you have any suggestions short of returning the headphones. I would audiofx pro 5 1 that if the Headphones are 5.

We sit through hours of Counter-Strike to tell you. I simply put them on and went to adjust the headset itself and the damn ear piece audiofx pro 5 1 off. Being the HeckHead I am, I am obligated to buy this. To all of you that will require them in the UK, we will indeed be selling these especially as they are endorsed by our gaming element — Team eSourceUK and we beta tested these super headsets.


The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

audiofz Just got the windows 7 drivers. The phones are also a little tight for me, and hug my head with a bit too much force for long term comfort.

Audiofx pro 5 1, I think everyone expected more, I mean, at least a product of your own design would have been nice. So…when do we get an update on availability?

The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset | Web Portal for Benjamin J Heckendorn

I generally keep the FF off, though. Me again and I would like to reitterate the poor craftsmanship in this headset. More information will follow on our site nearer the release date. I contact Edemsional and asked if by good faith they audiofx pro 5 1 let me audiofx pro 5 1 it for a new headset.

I notified support of some issues that I have. In Battleground Europe, I have to turn my head left or right to hear a veh noise coming inbound.

Sonicboom, thanks for the feedback, glad it worked! As for wireless though? Once I upgraded to Vista, they worked pretty well for a while.

Will they be sold in europe? Hope this helps others aswell. Are they worth the cost considering you’ll just cover them in wax? I started things off by listening to the newest album by Harvey Danger, which is free to download from their website.


Surround sound headphones are a controversial subject among true audiophiles, but Bit-tech is no coward and has plunged headlong audiofx pro 5 1 the issue by reviewing a pair of Zalman’s latest headphone effort. Prev 1 – Audio FX Pro 5. How does it measure up? The Windows 7 drivers is where you need to be if audiofx pro 5 1 Windows 7. If I was famous like The Ben I would have designed something like this, but maybe not with the mic.

I need this replacement!! Suffice to say I can not discover the problem, but I am considering a new headset, from a different manufacturer. I like em but they just are not working right. So Ben, How long before the cord gets a short in audiofx pro 5 1 Is it in one ear, or both?