North Carolina native Mike Southern has been writing since The hook or the slice happens to all golfers, whether amateur or professional. This is because you turn your shoulders very early in the swing, minimizing the need to move your arms too early and destroy your swing path. When your hands reach the top of your backswing and start down, trying to achieve clubhead speed too quickly causes problems. A good swing path will consistently help your shot hit the target. It might seem pedantic, but a slice and a push-slice are caused by two different swing paths.

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Choose One Annual Monthly Clear. Setup and Alignment Starting from a good position is the basis for a good swing.

The goal generally is to hit your ball on the most direct line to your target, utilizing the right golf swing path to maximize distance and limit the amount of sidespin you put on the ball. If you make correct swing path for right change, you can get back.

The Golf Fix Tip: Better swing path

Contrary to what many club golfers believe, a slice is not just any ball flight that swerves severely saing the right for the right-handed player …. Subscription Select a subscription Slice Fix — Part 2 Grip.

The result is a violent, jerking motion that throws them off the proper swing path. Takeaway Golf Swing Tips. Here correct swing path for a quick drill to help you feel the start of the downswing: When you reach the impact area, most of your work is done. This will prevent an open club face at impact which imparts the clockwise spin on the ball allowing you to hit either straight shots or even soft draws.


A good grip, not too strong correch too weak, lets your wrists flex along the desired swing path and not twist the club pat correct swing path for.

Golf Slice Cure Part 3 – Check Your Swing Path | Free Online Golf Tips

Correct swing path for if this sounds like you: However, that introduces too much tension into the swing.

Uphill, downhill and sidehill lies in a corrext can be some of the most challenging shots in golf. Improving Driver Accuracy and Distance off the Tee. Slice Drill 3 Baseball Swing Drill. A one-piece takeaway puts your arms on the correct swing path and provides the momentum to carry them to the correct swing path for of the backswing. To achieve this in-to-out swing path and fkr your slice, watch the video below: Slice Drill 2 Split Hand Drill.

Knowing the rules of the bunker will give you the confidence to deal with correct swing path for situations in accordance with the rules of the game. In this lesson you will learn how to correctly set your feet and position your weight so that your club head properly strikes the ball. A proper takeaway establishes a good swing path right from the start.

If you find yourself with one correct swing path for these lies, there are several factors you need to consider in order to achieve success with some consistency. Although many weekend players complicate the golf swing, the movement itself is very simple.


If you hit lots of slices you need to make one type of change to your golf swing — if you hit lots of pushes or push-slices you need to make a different change to your golf swing.

Correct Golf Swing Path for Inside-Out Shot | PGA Digital Academy

Incorporate these simple tips and find more success with those challenging lies in the sand. In this lesson Joe covers the rules you need to be aware of in order to properly identify your ball and set up for your shot.

In a one-piece takeaway, your arms stay relatively straight until they are waist high. If you can get the key actions in your swing correct, correct swing path for will swing the club on a correct path more times than not.

Starting from a good position is the basis for a good swing. Slice Fix — Part correct swing path for Over Exaggeration. Slice Fix — Part 4 Rotate your Hands.

Facebook Twitter Cart Log In. Take the club to the top of your backswing and inhale as correct swing path for reach the top. Proper balance also will keep you from leaning too much and changing your shoulder level, which can quickly wreck your swing corrct.