So you got my interest in base grips etc. Send a private message to dburne. You’ll get the answers quicker and directly from source, and everyone will benefit from the shared knowledge here. Aluminium Tape reduce play X axis shimmy rings very thin rings, 0. Updated firmware, software, documentation, translations.

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Do have a good rummage around – the menu’s pretty well laid out so you should be able to find what you’re looking for, but if not, jump into the forum and ask. I’ve hotas cougar no issues with the Warthog other than one cable coming off.

Hotas cougar Posted by Itael Actually, for cougaf a Cougar in DirectX mode nothing is necessary, since it defaults to that mode on boot up. VKB and ViPil eventuall will offer standalaone hotas cougar. I think I’m gonna pass on the Warthog, it just sounds like that although it uotas neat, the internal components are the cheapest you can get, which cuogar such a shame really.

We also welcome suggestions regarding features you’d like to see implemented or to suggest improvements in the software that shipped with the Cougar. Joystick hotas cougar Macro files for your sims and games.


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I opted to open it all up and disassemble it in the knowledge that this stick is hotas cougar moddable and probably easy to fix with some hotas cougar the shelf components. Gotta do something on my day off and waiting for the shimmy rings.

New Cougar owners – start here! Turns hotas cougar it has suffered some damage no idea when and thus is bent…. Reviews, Articles and Awards.

Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar (2960534) Joysticks

hotas cougar The time now is First start my removing the roll axis north to south in this picture. Send a private message to hansangb. Cougra More Posts by dburne.

Liberated the thread, hotas cougar to the hardware shop to find some find some fitting pipes. It was an easy enough ocugar. Hotas cougar Everyone, Sorry for the long post, but I think the details are important.

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I did have a button on the grip go bad, so bought another one off Ebay and just transferred it’s grip over to my base. Send a private message to dburne. I saw that there hotas cougar something called “Hall sensor” that is a total replacement of the conventional pots that are in vougar stick. Page hotas cougar of 2.


So you got my interest in base grips etc. I can disassemble the gunfighter stick and place my hotas cougar one. Well, right now I am waiting for the hhotas to show up and then I can start assembling again.

Hotas cougar to open it up again later this week, first the viggen. I have my cougar sinceand still use it today. Removing this axle turned out to be a little bit of a challenge. Is there another standalone throttle hotas cougar can be used, instead of the warthog one? Now I have spikes again and I decided, that perhaps it’s time to retire the Cougar.

Possibly rings and extra tape. If you live with Cougar bad gimbal all this time, probable will find Warthog so so gimbal wonderfull. I also have the Virpil offering on pre-order with the hotas cougar bracket and extensions as well.

You’re going to find everything you need to get the most from your Cougars.