For even more variety, check out the built-in FM radio, which makes it so you never have to miss the news, sports, weather, or radio programs. SanDisk released a version 2 of the e series in December with internal hardware different from the first version. Digital audio players Portable media players. This page was last edited on 22 November , at Message 4 of 7 18, Views.

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SanDisk Sansa e260 review

Manufacturer refurbished unit without the sansa e260 box. The player also works the moment you plug it into the computer. Message 6 of 7 8, Sansa e260. Upgrading to later firmware versions, V Yes, the players in the e series have scroll wheels — no touch-sensitive pads here — but this is a mechanical scroll wheel reminiscent of the wheel on the original 1G iPod which, for whatever reason, still has a lot of fans. It’s not worth going to a lot of trouble just to watch something on such a miniscule screen, but like I said before, it’s sort of a nice frill to have.

Make it brighter in morning for legibility, turn it down at night to save power. A number of bugs in sansa e260 firmware cause problems. Pages using deprecated image syntax.

Conclusion It ain’t perfect, but the e is a solid competitor to the iPod nano, and if forced to choose between the two, I’d sansa e260 the Sansa.


The sound quality is Fantastic to me it is. You don’t look like a poser that way.

SanDisk released a version 2 of the e series in December with internal hardware sansa e260 from the first version. I was a little nervous about well the e would fare going into this review, and the results here are a mixed bag. This page was last edited on 22 Novembersansa e260 Product Key Features Storage Capacity. The player has a feature called “Rhapsody Channels”, which is the online service’s brand of podcasting, and also comes with pre-loaded content.

Retrieved from ” https: Places like librivox and gutenburg have free audio books that you can download any time, sansa e260 this is all done with volunteers and the quality of the “readers” can be Atrocious! Yeah, I know, I’m just sansa e260 surprised as you are, but after spending a few weeks with the new 4GB Sansa e, part of SanDisk’s new Sansa e series, I’m going to be sorry to send this one back.

A couple of years ago this would have sansa e260 crazy, but SanDiskwhich is probably best known for flash drives and memory cards, just put out one of the best MP3 players on the market. For starters, SanDisk doesn’t deny that they’re going straight after the nano with this one.

e user manual download – SanDisk Forums

And with all of that, sansa e260 pay It is not possible to simply copy videos to the device, even if they seem to be in the correct format; trying to access them displays an error message. I am totally amazed sansa e260 technology! It’s touch sensitive control is inconvianr when I ride my bike, skateboard, or run. A locking switch on the top of the player prevents unintentional volume adjustment and song skipping. Having the power button pull double-duty as a menu sansa e260 is probably a mistake; I know I’ve been trained to resist pressing any button with the universal power symbol on it unless I want to turn something on or off, and several times I’ve switched off the player when I actually wanted to exit to the main menu.


I tested the e with Rhapsody To Go and found that player-software integration still has some kinks to be worked out.

There are two additional controls on the player, a Hold switch sansa e260 the top next to the headphone jack and a dedicated Record button for voice recordings. To be fair, most of the time everything worked perfectly fine.

The built-in FM radio also makes the SanDisk E26 e Black Digital Media Player a smart, safe choice in emergencies, as you never have to miss sansa e260 information if disaster strikes.

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